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I just wanted to drop a quick note to say my son has really benefitted from the Fall Ball clinics.  Not only have I seen an improvement in his skills over the last 4 weeks, I have seen an increase in confidence and joy in playing the game that was absent over the summer. - New Parent

I could see each of my son’s confidence grow throughout the 6 weeks of the summer season.  They learned so much about the game, fully embraced the culture you’ve built around commitment, community and team, and got to know some great kids from around New Jersey.  Thank you for your leadership in building a program that can do that so consistently.

Blue Star has done a great job setting the tone for the boys. You have kept a great balance of having fun and making sure things are "team first" all while setting high expectations and preparing them for high school lacrosse. 

Brayden has had so much fun and has learned so much about lacrosse as well as about himself. This has been an extremely positive experience for Brayden, his father and myself. Coach Sanczyk has been a great coach as well as all the other Blue Star coaches. We are thrilled Brayden is part of such a great program and can continue with Blue Star next season. 

They were both awesome on and off the field. On the field we believe the boys were well trained and well coached. Off the field they took the time to speak with the boys between games about the importance of grades and doing well in school. My twins are straight A students so to hear other young adults, who they like and respect,  reinforce our values, means a lot.

The team attitude, the spirit and energy of the coaching, the feeling that you are learning something and getting better - all these things are an important part of the feeling he has about playing for Blue Star! So lots of credit to you and your team for what you are accomplishing with these boys!

Coach Dan L. Is truly a gift to my son.  The way he coaches, encourages and lifts them up is noteworthy.  When the kids make a mistake on the field (instead of yelling at them like the other coachesfrom other teams do) he encourages them in a positive way and has them learn from the mistake and come back stronger. I almost wish I was as good of a parent as he is a coach!

Blue Star helped make him a better player and also reinforced VALUES that we teach at home. We both know how important that is these days.


We are proud to be a part of Blue Star Lacrosse! Our son has been working with Blue Star lacrosse since last fall. As parents we have found the coaches and staff to be incredibly professional and approachable both on and off the field. The coaches have a deep knowledge of the game and are dedicated to the development of their players. 


I already know my son made the right choice with who he plays for by what I’ve seen already. 


You guys are instilling the meaning of these words (humble & hungry) to these boys. Not just words. 

John comes home and I ask how practice was - "Amazing". He loves lacrosse but never like this. 


Blue Star Lacrosse has been consistently great lacrosse instruction. 

You have consistently delivered a great message about character and accountability for our son to follow.

 John’s never had more fun playing lacrosse or any sport than he does with Blue Star.   You got a special thing going and we’re psyched to be a part of it.

Having been involved with summer club on both the boys and girls side for over 10 years, we can honestly say that Blue Star has been one of the best experiences we've had. As parents we appreciate how well organized the program is and how good they are with communication. We feel the coaching is exceptional. Our son loved the overall team experience and can't wait to return for another season.

The leadership of this program is truly like no other, and these boys are learning much more than the game of lacrosse.

After coaching boys and girls for town and club field and box lacrosse, we have decided to play with Blue Star because of their attention to player development, coach to player ratio, and complete knowledge of both the field and box game. 

The coaching staff at Blue Star Lacrosse created the perfect balance of working hard and having fun. My son didn’t want the overnight summer camp to end!   I see the guidance and structure in practices while still maintaining the allowance of individual creativity in the games. I’m so pleased with Blue Star’s approach to lacrosse and  youth sports in general.

Blue Star is boosting his confidence which is much needed and a much different experience than usual. He has always left blue star practices feeling “coached”. There has been a different coaching element at Blue Star. He clearly does well with the positive and constructive coaching that I have seen at Blue Star.

My son Will had a great experience playing with the Blue Star travel team this past summer.  The coaching he received was excellent.  The emphasis was on skill building and developing the kids’ understanding of the game, and the coaches interacted with the boys in a constructive way.  The kids had a great time at the tournaments and I really enjoyed them also – a great group of people all around.  We’ll definitely be back again next year.

From Fall tournaments to Winter Box and ultimately Summer ball, the boys were challenged as they competed against some of the top clubs in the country.  While winning was a goal of the boys, the goal of Blue Star is more on player development and exposure. As a parent I feel that everyone at BlueStar is approachable, responsive to my questions and concerns, and invested in the development of our sons as young men and lacrosse players. 

My son has played for a couple different clubs and has been to many different camps.  I had thought that some of those were very good until we came to a Blue Star practice.  That's when I saw what an "amazing" practice looks like.  The amount of coaches, the fast paced style, the attention to detail, and how quickly the kids learned the advanced drills was mind blowing.  Right away you could tell that the coaches cared about each player's development as I saw them take boys aside and instruct them 1 on 1 as needed.  Not only were the practices awesome from a training perspective, but my son told me that the Blue Star practices were the most fun he has had. 

My sons have had the privilege of playing for Coach MV Whitlow over the past several years.    Coach Whitlow’s knowledge, dedication and commitment to teaching my sons has had a remarkable impact on their lacrosse and college careers at the D1 Level. He continually demonstrates that his ultimate goal is in transforming his young athletes into men of great character and leadership. 

Coach Whitlow has a PHD in College Recruiting

Blue Star was a great help in the recruiting process from the individualized attention, valuable advice and the strong contacts with the schools my son had interest in. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

College recruiting has become a very daunting process.   Coach Whitlow and Coach Green have tremendous insight into this process, and their guidance has been invaluable.  College coaches go to them for their potential recruits.   Their network is huge and unprecedented, and their reputation is unparalleled in the “college lacrosse recruiting world.

Coach Whitlow was instrumental in helping us navigate the complexities of the recruiting process.  He clearly mapped out the process, identified those schools appropriate for the level of our boys and got us the exposure we needed through a matrix of showcases, clinics, and campus visits. His transparent, no-nonsense approach to recruiting and coaching provides college coaches with a trusted ally in helping to match talent with program.  And this gives him access to the best coaches in the country.

My time playing lacrosse for MV Whitlow was not only the most beneficial time for my development as a player, but also as a leader and a man. MV met me when I was a boy and what was once a player/coach relationship has evolved into a mentor and above all a lasting friendship. MV fostered a culture of excellence, both on and off the field, which helped me through highschool, college and today as a naval officer. I cannot express in words my gratitude and good fortune for the time I spent with MV, he helped me become the man I am today

I have known Coach Whitlow and Coach Green since I was in middle school. Their leadership, commitment, and experience are unmatched at the high school level. In addition to pushing me to reach my fullest potential on the field, they prioritized the importance of performing in the classroom and developing strong character. During the recruiting process, Coach Whitlow was an invaluable resource in helping me establish a list of potential schools and connecting me with college coaches. Playing for Coach Green and Coach Whitlow is a commitment that will extend into your college career and beyond. They continue to be a resource for me on and off the field and I am extremely thankful for my relationships with them. I have no doubt that Coach Whitlow and Coach Green will continue to use their passion and expertise to help the next generation of youth and high school lacrosse players realize their goals through Blue Star Lacrosse.