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Spring All-Stars FAQ

Is the Spring All-Star Program Right for Me?

The Spring All-Star program is for any player looking for a little more. Something to supplement their youth program (not replace it) and help them reach the next level. 

Some players may be looking for a little more coaching, some may be looking for a little more competition, some may just love the sport and want the opportunity to play even more. 

Players from well-established youth programs and developing youth programs alike will benefit from their experience with the Spring All-Stars. 

  • Players in well-established programs sometimes need the opportunity to try something outside of the same program they have been with for years. It can happen that players become locked into certain roles and they are continually doing the same thing. With the Spring All-Stars, they will have a new opportunity to fill a different role in a different environment, giving them a chance to grow and add more to their skill set.
  • Players from less established, and developing youth programs can really benefit from the Spring All-Star Program. Better players in developing programs can sometimes become frustrated or complacent after a couple of seasons. By having the opportunity to play with other All-Stars, these players will be challenged athletically and learn to play at a higher overall level.
  • Players in newer youth programs will also have the ability to receive All-Star level coaching.

With the sport growing so fast, the number of youth players participating in the sport has greatly outpaced the number of experienced coaches available. There are so many great volunteers that have been working extremely hard to learn the game and we appreciate everything they are doing but Lacrosse is a complex and experience is valuable. We would love to help players ready to take the next step, grow, and learn.  

I play for someone else in the summer, can i do the spring all-stars?

Yes, you can play Spring All-Stars regardless of summer team. There is no commitment beyond the Spring! We just want the ability to help develop players and grow the game here in NJ!

What if I have a conflict with my youth schedule?

Your youth schedule will come first. Please let us know about conflicts as soon as you are aware of them. We are working with youth programs to make sure we respect their efforts and events.

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Based out of Princeton, Basking Ridge & Moorestown New Jersey, Blue Star Lacrosse is a leader in the lacrosse industry focused on developing lacrosse players from youth through high school. We run year round lacrosse training with camps, clinics, box lacrosse and travel all-star teams. Our All-Star teams are among the most competitive in the country. What separates us is our level of dedication, communication and our ability as teachers of the game that we love!

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