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All-Star Program Tryouts


2024 Try-Out Dates

for 2024 - 2025  Season

** The tryout location does not dictate your team/practice placement - please sign up for the tryout date/location that works best with your schedule **




CHECK-IN: 30 minutes before your scheduled tryout time. Please go to the check-in table & receive your tryout jersey!

***RETURNING BLUE STAR CLUB PLAYERS: Please wear your Blue Star Pinny/Uniform***


July 1st, 2024

LOCATION: Hartford Crossing Sports Complex - Medford NJ

4:00 PM: 2026, 2027, 2028
6:00 PM: 2029, 2030, 2031
8:00 PM: 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035


July 2nd, 2024

LOCATION: Gary Kehler Stadium - Westfield, NJ 

5:30 PM: 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029
7:00 PM: 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035


July 9th, 2024
LOCATION: Princeton Day School - Baker Turf 

4:00 PM: 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030
6:00 PM: 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2035




"Is there an advantage to attending the first tryout over the second?"

  • Yes, there is a small advantage. Think of it like early action applications in the college process. Players at the first tryout can be accepted, not accepted, or asked to attend a second tryout. Players at the second tryout will receive their results after the tryout.
  • We highly encourage players to attend the first tryout if possible.


Coaching Staff

College Commits

Player Profiles

The Blue Star All-Star Program is one of the top all-star club lacrosse programs in the country. Blue Star teams focus on making college-ready lacrosse players, but also focus on developing young men of character. All-Stars achieve this by training year round and competing at the highest levels of club lacrosse. Blue Star has one of the most experienced coaching staffs in the country with a proven track record of developing and placing players at top college programs.

All-Star teams have a full November event schedule practices to prepare for recruiting events. The Winter schedule will consist of clinics and training sessions in addition to one of the most complete box lacrosse training programs in the country. Blue Star Teams will reconvene after the spring season for a full summer recruiting schedule along with unique training opportunities.

Blue Star is forward-thinking, teaching-oriented, fundamentals-based, skill development, Lacrosse IQ , and character development based All-Star program.

We maximize the effectiveness of our program while minimizing cost and time commitments of our families.

Our exposure component is optimized through our reputational position in the game, and our ability to appropriately find placement for our players is very succinctly communicated with our players as well as their families.

We provide the best coaching of our players in the industry, while always exceeding expectations by thoughtfully executing on the field.

Our communication and responsiveness to players and their families is unprecedented.

Our organizational elements are second to none.  We utilize the latest and best technology and software to make sure our customer service standard is the best available.

Blue Star Lacrosse is "The Leader in Lacrosse Development".

2023 White Wins Millon Invitational

All-Star Program Overview

Youth All-Star Teams (3rd - 5th Graders) 

These teams will strictly practice either in Mt. Laurel, Princeton or Pingry/Westfield. We do this to minimize driving for our parents. We are looking for 3rd -5th graders who want to play during the summer and learn a bunch!!
Click Here to Read the Youth Program Overview

Middle School All-Star Teams (6th - 8th Graders) 

We begin to bring our youth teams together to allow players to train in a more competitive environment. We will have one-two teams per age group that will train together and compete at the highest levels while still focusing on player development. Practices will move between sites.
Click here to read the Middle School Program Overview.

High School All-Star Teams (9th - 11th Graders) 

The competitive nature of the program builds as we prepare players to move on to a college lacrosse program. While player development is still the primary focus at this age, the recruiting and college placement plays a large part of this program. With over 40+ years of combined expertise in placing college players, our expertise and relationships are second to none in the industry!
Click Here to Read the High School Program Overview

Who is Blue Star Lacrosse?

Based out of Princeton & Basking Ridge New Jersey, Blue Star Lacrosse is a leader in the lacrosse industry focused on developing lacrosse players from youth through high school. We run year round lacrosse training with camps, clinics, box lacrosse and travel all-star teams. Our All-Star teams are among the most competitive in the country. What separates us is our level of dedication, communication and ability as teachers of the game that we love!

Players who are accepted into the all-star program can expect to be coached year round by our incredible coaching staff while also getting the chance to compete at some of the highest levels of club lacrosse. We work with all our players and families to ensure that their all-star is working hard on the field, in the classroom and developing into a great young man of character! We demand work ethic, commitment and a positive attitude of the players in our all-star program!