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Hard Work, Patience Pays off for Ian and Patrick Jacobs!

By Blue Star Lacrosse, 02/05/18, 10:30AM EST


Another Excellent Example of Continued Effort and Patience Paying Off!

Hard work, putting in the extra hours and competing against each other are how Ian and Patrick Jacobs got to where they want to be. Recently committed to Cornell University, these two young men are the latest example of how patience and effort pays off in the long run!! Trust the process, stay patient and don't let it define you!

Hard Work Pays off in the Long Run!

Ian and Patrick Jacobs are excellent examples of how the simple equation of hard work + patience will pay off in the long run. During their time at Blue Star, they never once questioned the process or asked "why?", but instead chose to keep their head down and just do the work. They are excellent teammates and fierce competitors, and they turned that passion into hard work and extra hours spent on the field and in the classroom. 

While both players worked tremendously hard at perfecting their lacrosse game, they spent even more time on their academics. Time management is a skill one must have if they are to play lacrosse at the next level!

Staying Level-Headed

The importance of staying level-headed during the recruiting process, is something easier said than done these days. With social media and the internet, players and families can get caught up in the "hype". Ian and Patrick never once let the process define who they were as young men and young athletes. The Blue Star staff has had many players who developed later in their careers who went on to play at some of the best schools in the country. We always urge our players to take the process as it comes to them, as it is unique for every single player and family.

We try to inform families all the time, 'don't let the process define you'. Pat, Ian and the family took this advice and just kept working hard and trusting the process.  It worked out for them, and in the end they had multiple options.

Coach Whitlow on Ian and Patrick Jacobs

"Firstly, Patrick and Ian are exemplary young men beyond lacrosse and the recruiting process. They are both excellent students and young people off the field.

We try to inform families all the time, 'Don't let the process define you'. Pat, Ian and the family took this advice and just kept working hard and trusting the process.  It worked out for them, and in the end they had multiple options.

It's easy for Blue Star to tell a college coaching staff, 'Look, this is a young man you want in your locker room, this is a young man you will want to coach and look forward to being with everyday for 4 years, he may even be the player you ask to babysit your kids.' That reputation piece is in place with Blue Star.

My defining moment for Ian was in Rochester, and it ended up helping him in the recruiting process.  He got hit very hard in the side of the face with a high velocity shot. He got his bell rung a little bit for the first time in his young athletic life.  He came to the sideline, composed himself, and went back in and played. Adversity, composure, toughness, fierce competitiveness, relentlessness, all rolled in to one defining moment, and Pat is tougher than Ian.

It's the intangible pieces of the puzzle that these coaching staffs are asking us about - these coaches can identify size, speed, skill set, but what they can't see is whats going on behind the scenes. The family ethic, the off-the-field habits, the attitude, the response to adversity, the selflessness, the coachability, the work ethic. That's where our reputation at Blue Star comes in.

We couldn't be more proud of Pat and Ian.  We looked at them as 8th graders and as freshmen, even as sophomores,  and saw the late developing physical potential, the big knees, feet, hands, no quads or calves, no stopping ability, poor shin angle. We also saw the work ethic and knew they could get there.  That's humbly something at which we have developed a skill set in identifying over the years.


Pat and Ian should be role models for younger kids.   They work hard on the field, work hard in the classroom, carry themselves humbly, play multiple sports very well, and they are just solid dudes.  They are the kind of athlete that you show up everyday as a coach, and you are just naturally motivated and inspired to coach them because of their drive, selflessness and commitment level."

Q & A with Ian and Patrick Jacobs

What extra work did you put in outside of practice?
Patrick/Ian: We would go to the Princeton University Stadium on our own to practice different skills and do conditioning. Coach Whitlow always told us that defense is all about positioning and so we would practice 1 vs 1s and body position.

What are expectations like for this spring?
Patrick: We are really just trying to leave a legacy for the younger guys on the team. There are only 3 seniors on the team so we are young and we want to leave a good foundation in place this spring for the next few years! We are also looking forward to getting on the field and competing!!

What advice would you give to other young men going through the recruiting process?
Patrick: Keep working hard and stay patient with it. Everyone develops at their own rate so continue to work hard on the field and also in the classroom. Being a good student will open up a lot of opportunity for you. That was something we focused very strongly on - academics.
Ian: Focusing on yourself is really important. You have to love the process and ultimately find out what you love in a school. If you can work hard enough throughout this long process on the field and classroom, you will have opportunities. 

I’d tell any player going through the recruiting process to take their time and be patient when searching for a school that’s right for you.

When did you start playing lacrosse?
Patrick/Ian: We started playing in 4th grade with PLC.

When did you start getting serious about lacrosse?
Patrick: From the beginning I think I always knew that I wanted to play division 1 lacrosse since one of our uncles played at UNC and another at Brown. In the 8th grade when the recruiting process really started to pick up, I began taking lacrosse very seriously.
Ian:  It was right around 8th grade when we started playing for serious club teams. 

What are the core values your parents instilled in you?
Patrick: Both parents instilled the idea of working hard when nobody is watching and how you shouldn’t expect to be rewarded for that. All of that work, in both the classroom and on the field, will pay off in the end.
Ian: Give your best effort at everything you do. My mom has also always pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone, and it has been expected of me to give my best effort then too. 

Were Mom or Dad lacrosse players?
Patrick/Ian: : Neither of them actually played lacrosse. Mom was played field hockey and ran track at UNC and our Dad swam in the Olympics after his career at Texas.

Outside of school, what do you spend your free time on?
Patrick: I am big on taking naps after school to catch up on sleep!
Ian: I listen to a lot of music. I also like to cook sometimes when I really have a lot of free time on my hands.

Staying the course, remaining level-headed and trusting the process are the mature way to handle the recruiting process!

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