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Refocusing for the Winter - Putting Your Eyes Up on the Next Target

By Don Green, 11/28/17, 11:30AM EST


Advice for the Off-Season

As the fall season ends and winter lacrosse is about to begin, players should begin to shift their focus towards renewal for the next year. By that, I mean a shift towards making 2018 their best possible year as a student and an athlete. This is the time of year for players to focus on their individual development so they can help their teams this spring. 

Once the spring and summer begin, it is all about team lacrosse and the individual skill development opportunities tend to vanish. Most of the time spent at lacrosse practice is either playing games or practicing team concepts.  This is great and a lot of fun, but it leaves players behind skill wise because there is not enough time for focused skill development. Players end up trying to do new things and advance in the game without learning and repping the new skill sets that will get them to the next level.

If players take advantage of their winter development, they have the opportunity to learn new stick skills and techniques that will make them much more capable when they are back in the team setting. 

What separates great players from the pack is their internal desire for improvement. Players who have a desire to get better, "seek" that goal on a consistent basis and will improve much more than those who only "want" the improvement. 

There are no shortcuts to improving. The way is pretty simple:

  1. Seek opportunities to learn new skills
  2. Practice those skills more than anyone else
  3. Test yourself against others - continually seeking those who might be better than you.
  4. Start working harder than them - do this by repeating the steps above with more deliberate focus 

The question is always, "what should I do if I only have that much time?"

Read the articles linked. They are great resources to point you in the right direction training wise. 

At Blue Star, we have worked hard to be the Leader in Lacrosse Development. It is our goal to deliver the best lacrosse experience possible while allowing players to be student-athletes who play multiple sports. We have designed our year-round model to be flexible and maximize the time you spend training. 

Each winter, we offer individual skill development through our Winter Training Sessions and our advanced skills/concepts course through Box Lacrosse.

Winter Training allows players to learn new skills and rep them out with instructors helping players refine the new techniques. Players can then practice the skills on their own to try and master them. 

Box Lacrosse is a whole new level of skill development and fast-paced decisions making. Players will learn new skills, strategies, and rapid application of concepts combining multiple skills. There is no better way to improve in the off-season!

Blue Star Lacrosse Camps!

Have A Blast!

Blue Star Lacrosse Camps are designed to be fun for everyone involved (that includes counselors too!) There are a lot of reasons to go to camp but at the end of the day we want campers to leave feeling exhausted and excited for the next day. We strive to create an environment that cultivates a player's passion for the game - we have found over 25+ years of camps that passion and attitude are the biggest future drivers of success! 

Why Blue Star Lacrosse Camps?

Blue Star Lacrosse Camps provide individualized instruction for beginners to advanced players.  Players will get the instruction and repetitions they need, from fundamentals all the way to college-level skills. Blue Star coaches have over 20+ years of running, managing and coaching lacrosse camps, with hundreds of camps under their belts. Camps will be located at The Hun School of Princeton, The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, Lenape High School in Mt. Laurel, and The College of New Jersey in Ewing. There is a blue star lacrosse camp for all ages and skills!! Above all, Blue Star will ensure that every camp is a safe and fun learning environment!