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College Player Poll: What Did They Do in the Offseason?

By Blue Star Lacrosse, 03/28/17, 1:15PM EDT


We Polled over 45 College Lacrosse Players About Their Offseason Habits in High School

We polled over 45 college lacrosse players, ranging from D1 to Club and asked them about their work habits in high school. We'll let the results speak for themselves...

The majority of respondents played D1 college lacrosse, but we had responses for D1, D3 and Club.

What are you doing in the offseason to get better? 


The offseason is the time to focus on developing skills and strength/speed! Once  the season starts, it's too late to make gains! Players who are serious must do the work in the offseason.

Over 50% of Respondents Started Lifting Weights Seriously in 9th Grade

"Seriously" means getting a training regiment, olympic lifts, paying attention to proper nutrition, etc. Not just gym class!!!

Over 65% of Respondents said they lifted at least 3-4x per week in the offseason!!

What are you doing to get better in the offseason? Get on a training regiment ASAP!

Running/Conditioning and staying in shape out of season is vital! Especially if you are not playing another sport. 

This includes going for runs, sprint workouts, ladder workouts and agility drills...

Don't let your skills go to waste either! 1/4 of these athletes were shooting/practicing skills 5-6x a week!

Having a stick in your hand is second nature at the higher levels - get out there and hit the wall!

Your stick should be an extension of your arm. Get out there and hit the wall for 30 minutes. The results will be tremendous. Not just offensive players, defense and goalies too!

They Also Played Other Sports!

Playing another sport is vital to the development of every young athlete. By playing other sports one can develop their athleticism in other ways that are not necessarily possible by playing just one sport!

That being said, there needs to be balance in every high school athletes career. If they are playing ice hockey during the winter, then they don't necessarily need to be focusing on weight lifting/conditioning as much but might want to focus on their stick skills and keeping those sharp. It's all about balance, but if an athlete is just coming home and doing nothing 3-4 days in the offseason it is not a recipe for success! 

Anything else that really helped you get to where you wanted to be?

"Studying film (YouTube clips, ESPN games) of those better than me"

"Staying up on schoolwork and getting good grades gave me more options to choose from when deciding on a school."

"Playing against more talented players than myself."

"Coaching and wanting to succeed and be the best."

"Chip on my shoulder and wanting to be the most prepared/best kid on the field."

"Going to every possible clinic, practice etc. that was offered by Coach Whitlow and Coach Green."

"While staying motivated in the classroom, other doors were opened for me."

"Ask coaches what it takes. Ask coaches how you can get better. Seek advice don't hide from it. Coaches know what it takes to go to play college ball."

"Coaching support."

"Competing with my friends to get better."

"You need to have a good strength and conditioning coach. Dusty and the guys over at Force  Fitness have done it for a ton of people in Ridgewood. Obviously this is a bit of a stretch financially for some so trying to get group rates together for a team, or special discount package, put together for off season work outs would be a great angle / differentiator."

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