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VIDEOS: The Top Ten Goalie Drills to Help You Improve Your Game

By Shane Doss, 06/03/16, 12:30PM EDT


See what the top professional and college teams are doing to fine-tune their goalkeeping technique

Seeing live shots is without a doubt the best way to improve your goaltending skills, but obviously it can be difficult to find twelve players prepared to scrimmage in front of you to create a realistic shot. Doing drills is the next best thing, but it seems like there are hundreds of different kinds that work on different things. Finding which drills work on the things that you need to improve on is a huge part of every goalies development. These 10 drills are by no means all you need to become a good goalie, but they are a really great place to start. 

1. Preparing for the Shot


Penn State alum and New York Lizards goalie Drew Adams will take you through what he does to be ready in the moments before a shot.

2. Focusing on the Ball


Former Philadelphia Barrage and Maryland Terrapins goalie Brian Dougherty will show you how he locks in on the ball while between the pipes.

3. The 3 in 1


Former Notre Dame assistant and current Monmouth head coach Brian Fisher explains the 3 in 1 drill that focuses on hand speed and quickness, and former All American goalie John Kemp demonstrates.

4. Lead Hand


The Providence Friars goalie corps walks you through their drill that focuses on hand eye coordination and getting your top hand to the ball.

5. Face Away


Drew Adams is back with a fun drill that will help you find the ball quickly on feeds from behind the crease. Keep watching to get a look at the head that Adams uses in the MLL.

6. Irish Guard


Another great video from the Notre Dame coaching channel, this one works on defending shooters wrapping the crease from X. 

7. Holding the Pipe


Continuing with Notre Dame, this video features former Notre Dame goalie and Texas native Colt Power demonstrating a drill that helps goalies make the tough decision between holding the pipe and leaving it. 

8. Improving Balance


Strength and conditioning coach Rashad Devoe takes you through a couple techniques to improve your balance between the pipes. Balance is hugely important as a goalie, as it allows you to be explosive in any direction and then recover after a big save.

9. Dot Drill


Brian Dougherty takes you through a drill he uses to improve coordination between hands, eyes, and feet. Bringing these three together is a big step in saving more shots.

10. Agility Drills


This one is not strictly a goalie drill, but that doesn't mean it isn't important. Improving your agility and athleticism will only help in attacking the ball on saves, being explosive,  and playing outside of the crease.

For more goalie training videos and highlights, check out our goalie training youtube channel here.

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