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Blue Star Lacrosse Phased Return-to-Play Plan

By Blue Star Lacrosse, 05/26/20, 8:45PM EDT


Blue Star Lacrosse, in working with its Health and Safety Advisory Board, has released our plan for a phased return-to-play this summer.

Returning to sports is going to be an important step in helping kids continue to live active and healthy lifestyles while still learning the valuable lessons associated with sport and team play. The coronavirus has put a halt to this for the past three months. As we emerge from quarantine and it is deemed safe to do more things, we are committed to getting kids playing again in a safe, healthy, and fun manner. 

Blue Star has participated in a number of important calls regarding return-to-play for sports with leaders including the CDC and The Aspen Sports Institute. We have also reviewed a number of return-to-play guidelines across various sports governing bodies. With this information, we are able to put together a return-to-play strategy that exceeds the recommended standards of the CDC while being tailored specifically to our situations.  

Many of the recommendations in this document are based upon rules and regulations, guidelines, and considerations set forth by public health authorities in support of sports organizations along with our Blue Star Health and Safety Advisory Board. The phases and timing of return to play will be based on state and local guidelines. At this time, New Jersey is allowing groups of 25. As a leader in this space, we are moving intelligently and deliberately to increase safety standards for our families. 

As we return to the field, things are going to be different. In order to maintain the health and safety of all players, common themes of sports and practices will be changed. It is very important that we stick to these guidelines to mitigate the risk of possible transmission. We ask all families to read these guidelines so that they are informed and prepared. 

We will be taking a deliberate, phased approach to our return-to-play. This is to ensure that, as we begin practices, we allow players and parents to be safe as we get acclimated to the new normal. Social distancing will be a major priority during all phases and will be strictly enforced by our coaches.  Even as we head to gameplay, social distancing and hygiene standards will be mandated in all situations on and off the field. 

We will host virtual meetings to review the guidelines with all of our families before we resume play, This is to ensure that when players and parents arrive for their first practices, we will all know the procedures and be comfortable and confident in our health and safety together.