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Box Program Enters Week 14 - Development is Evident!!!

By Blue Star Lacrosse, 02/06/20, 11:30AM EST


14 Weekends, 3 Locations, 24 Practices = 1 Blue Star Box Season



The level of development and progress that has been made these past three months of the box season is amazing. Coaches and parents alike can see every single week just how much the players are improving. The Blue Star players themselves have also begun to develop such a passion for the box lacrosse game and look forward to every practice (and the pushups from Coach Wiles)! When asked if we should extend the box season - the overwhelming majority was YES! 

Our box lacrosse program stressed the FUNDAMENTALS of lacrosse, which are often overlooked at the youth level these days.  Things such as grip, hand position, stick length, catching, etc. are hammered home every single box practice. At the younger ages these skills are necessary to allowing players to grow!!! 

We are extremely proud of the work the boys have been putting in and we know that they have just gone through an INVALUABLE 13 weeks of skill development. 

“Blue Star box was great.  It was our first season and we’ve never had this level of coaching.  We told our friends and neighbors they needed to sign up immediately. It’s truly next level instruction and drills”.  

“The progress our son made throughout just one box season was remarkable. His skills, his confidence, his athleticism all dramatically increased.  He looked forward every week to getting in the box”.

You are doing your son a tremendous disservice if you did not have him play box lacrosse this winter. The training they received from Coach Wiles and Turner was irreplaceable. Thank you coaches for your hard work and time!

Pushups with Coach Wiles

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