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3 Reasons You Should Be Training This Winter

By Murf Butler, 01/22/20, 2:30PM EST


The boys continue to prepare for their respective Spring Seasons by working in a small group environment, with plenty of personalized coaching.

Don't be left out in the cold this Winter; get to work so you're ready for Spring!

The Winter Season is often thought of to be the last thing standing in the way of the Spring lacrosse season. The reality is; the Winter is a player's last opportunity to ensure that they are the best version of themselves, heading into the Spring season.

Why Should You Be Training This Winter?

Reason 1: Pre-Season Tune Up

Every player should take the chance to ensure that they are ready for the Spring season, and make sure they are once again comfortable with their sticks and their game. To be the best player that you can be, you must keep your stick skills and lacrosse IQ sharp for as much of the year as you can. Don't be a burden on your coaches when practice starts up, be a pleasant surprise for them! 

Reason 2: Advanced Skill Work

Learning the game at the highest level is important for a player's development during each step of your game. Not all spring teams can afford to offer this level of instruction, given the higher number of players at practice, the comparative lack of reps per player, and the range of talent levels amongst players. Beyond the skill portion, players should be working to learn technique conceptually, by watching high-level players and listening to experienced coaches.

Reason 3: Small Group Setting

There is nothing better for a player's development than getting to spend time with less than a full roster of players, and with a high level of coaching. The coaches will love the chance to give as much of their knowledge as possible to each player, and also can cater the drills and tips to each individual player, and their given skill level. Learning in this setting lets each player leave with a better sense of what they can work on, and also a higher understanding of the game and advanced concepts.

Get the Training You Can't Get Anywhere Else.

There is still time to develop as a player, and show up ready for your Spring Season!

These group sessions will have a cap on the number of players so as to maintain the integrity and personalized nature of them. Groups are split up into age and skill. These training sessions are the ultimate tool to perfect your tradecraft!