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Weather Announcements Will Be Posted Here!

  • All of our activities/sessions will be closely monitored and water breaks will be mandatory! The camp schedule will be adjusted accordingly with the temperature
  • There will be at least one counselor in  every townhouse, in most cases 2
  • There is a trainer on staff 24/7 and they will sleep in the townhouses as well
  • In the event of lightning, we will move indoors and wait until it is safe to go outside again
  • In the event of prolonged storms, we notify the parents of the extended day campers about a pick-up location
  • As the camp date gets closer more specific information will be posted

The camp will be split into three separate sessions, morning afternoon and evening. Extended day campers will stay for the evening session and then go home, while overnight campers will return to their dorms afterwards.

Campers and Coaches will be sleeping in the TCNJ East and West Townhouses!

All roommate requests must be made at the time of registration or two weeks prior to the camp with an email to

Campers will be living in townhouses that feature multiple floors.  Campers can request to stay as a group of 4 on their own floor, or request a group of 8 for a whole townhouse and receive a 10% discount!

ALL players must request each other or we will not put them together. We will not be bothered with events such as camper 1 wants to room with camper 2, but camper 2 only wants to room with camper 3, etc. Please make sure all players request each other!!

We will not be making last second changes to the rooming assignments. In our experience, changing rooms the day of camp can have a negative impact on the other campers. We trust that parents and players will make smart and informed choices when they request another roommate.

Highly Suggested 

  • Underarmour/performance tees to wear under gear 
  • Shorts (ones to wear for playing and also for hanging out)
  • Regular T-shirts (for hanging out)
  • Socks/Underwear
  • A pair of Cleats, pair of sneakers, and flip flops
  • Compression Shorts
  • Bedding/Pillows/Blanket (twin width and extra long sheets)
    • If you forget your bedding you must pay for your own set!
  • Toiletries
  • Towels (1 or 2!)
  • Snacks such as cliff bars, power bars, etc.
  • Refillable Water Bottles (we will provide water 24/7 throughout camp, but players need to bring their own bottles!)
  • Cell Phone
  • Sun Block
  • Rooms are air conditioned no fans are needed!
  • All Lacrosse Equipment
  • An unstrung head for our stick stringing night! 
  • Some cash for our camp store by Universal Lacrosse!

recommended Not to bring

Blue Star will not be held liable for any of the following devices if they are lost or stolen

  • iPad
  • Laptop
  • Gaming Consoles such as Xbox, PS4 etc.

Cannot bring

  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Candles
  • Hot plates
  • Check in will be at 12 - 2pm
  • When you get to TCNJ, you will be directed to the parking lots, then you will walk up to the registration table to check-in
  • At the registration table, campers will receive dormitory keycards, lanyards, pinnies etc.
  • After campers are all moved in, the parents can take off! We will see you Monday!
  • Pick-up on Monday will be at the same spot at 12 pm. Parents should park in the designated lots and walk up to meet the campers!
  • As the camp date gets closer you can find more drop off and pick up info right here!

Blue Star Lacrosse Camps provide individualized instruction perfect for beginners up to elite players.  Players will get the instruction and reps they need, from the fundamentals all the way to college-level skills. Blue Star coaches have had over 20+ years of running, managing and coaching lacrosse camps, with hundreds of camps under their belts. Camps will be located at The Hun School located in Princeton NJ and the Pingry School in Basking Ridge. Most importantly, Blue Star will ensure the safety of all campers is second to none!

Contact Us

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Or leave us a voicemail @ (609) 535-2583

Mailing Address

Our Mailing Address is:
Blue Star
PO Box 335
Princeton, NJ 08542

About Us

Based out of Princeton, Basking Ridge & Moorestown New Jersey, Blue Star Lacrosse is a leader in the lacrosse industry focused on developing lacrosse players from youth through high school. We run year round lacrosse training with camps, clinics, box lacrosse and travel all-star teams. Our All-Star teams are among the most competitive in the country. What separates us is our level of dedication, communication and our ability as teachers of the game that we love!

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